about us

Tru Measure is a team of experienced sales, marketing, ad operations and development professionals. We understand local digital and the need for attribution metrics... and cool dashboards!

our approach

It is our mission to provide you with the insight necessary to make possible a notable return on investment for your advertising programs.

Tru Measure tells the advertising ROI story for 10s of 1000s of local businesses around the globe

We tell this story through aggregated and consistent analytics, and use this measurement to effectively optimize advertising budgets. We collect facts and data to develop local online marketing campaigns that attract and retain the right customers. And, we know that combining the latest technology with personalized customer engagement results is the best approach to proving media spend value.

our team

represents more than five decades of combined experience in technology, web analytics and interactive business strategy. Their experience has taught us the need for our products to deliver measurement techniques that go beyond the click-through to measure reach, frequency, targeting and consumer engagement activity.

Because impressions and clicks are not enough

John Hoeft

General Manager

You can only improve what you can measure

Sarah Garrison

Director of Operations and Development

Proof of advertising ROI = higher renewal rates. Any questions?

April Dauzat

Business Development Manager